Best Cervical neck massager purchase eight tips

As the pace of the times accelerates, people's work pressures are getting bigger and bigger. Cervical spondylosis has slowly climbed onto many modern people. If you go home, you can have your favorite cervical massager to ease it. You can massage the cervical spine. There are many kinds of brands on the market. How to choose the right one for you? Let's take a look at the eight techniques of the lower cervical massager and the recommended brand of cervical massager.
1. Generally speaking, it should be purchased according to the purpose. For example, for general beauty care, you can choose a portable soft-slapped cervical massager, while for special medical or sports, you should choose a strong and weak cervical massager.
2, if you often carry a cervical massager out, you should choose a lightweight portable cervical massager.
3, the structure of the cervical vertebra massager must be convenient for cleaning, lubrication and other maintenance needs.
4. There is no certain standard for high and low noise. Even if there are regulations, it is measured by how many decibels. Generally, people can't easily judge whether it meets the requirements. When purchasing, you can start the massager and listen to the noise level. If the sound is not Too harsh, it is not a problem. If the sound is too loud, it is very unfavorable for treatment.
5, strong and weak cervical massager, massage adjustment should be easy. Strong position should have obvious high-strength massage power, and weak position should have a soft feeling.
6, the cervical vertebra massager itself should be beautiful in appearance, intact, good hand feel when holding, not easy to slip off, and should have various massage heads suitable for different massage parts, for example, cylindrical massage head, dish massage head, board Shaped massage head, spherical massage head, trumpet massage head and hairbrush massage head.
7, according to the action site to choose a cervical massage device is also more reasonable. Because people's parts are uncomfortable, they can often get obvious curative effect by massage. Therefore, you can purchase different types of massagers or general massagers such as back, hands, feet and face according to your special needs.
8. The cervical massager housing is made of plastic and metal. In general, plastic housings are lightweight and have good insulation properties, but are not as durable as metal casings. The metal shell massager, if there is no ground wire, happens to leak electricity when used, which may cause an electric shock. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is best to choose a massager with a grounding device.



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