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Here are the most reliable ways and techniques to make money for most people, such as you are not the majority of people can go around.

Make money

1. Choose a good product. What is a good product and a good product for you is a very important first step, otherwise it will come back.
a. To determine the coverage of the product, is it necessary to find a large market coverage of a wide range of products? Or a niche product that only targets a specific group of people.

b. It is very important to determine the source of the product. If you are looking for a qualified manufacturer, you must be trustworthy and have an after-sales guarantee. Of course, some people make money in order to save costs. In the early stage, they chose the cottage manufacturers to do a hammer sale or no after-sales products.

c. The repeated purchase rate of the product is also an important reference item. If you choose a product with a high rate of return, the number of purchases for a customer will increase, and it will be easier to make money later. It is possible to make a profit after developing a certain number of customers. If you choose a product that you will see again after you buy it, you need to continuously develop new customers, and the later promotion and operation mode will definitely be different.

d. Product pricing. Some people take the price of the product too low to take advantage of the small-scale and multi-sales to win the scale sales, and some people put the high price on the high-end route to make more money, most people like to set the middle price, such as between one hundred yuan and five hundred yuan. , making it easy for customers to place orders and reduce the cost of sales time.

e. The product is best to have a distinct effect, and it can obviously improve or solve the problem for the customer, at least psychologically to improve the customer's comfort to a problem.

f. Select the product's communication surface. If the customer solves a certain problem, the customer is not willing to share it with others, and definitely choose products that are not easy to spread. Products with a wide spread are easy to be marketed to form a demonstration effect.

Make money

2. Find an ad slot to advertise. Advertising is the easiest and most efficient way to sell. Social software marketing wastes most of the people who are selling, and always understand that social software is not marketing software.

Make money

3. Statistical analysis of advertising effectiveness. a. advertise performance statistics, b. remove non-profit advertising, leaving a profitable advertising space. c. Continue to find new ad slots, d. Repeat the above steps.

4. The difference between business and work: It is work without cost, and it always costs to do business. As the saying goes, it will cost money to spend money.



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